Our Goals

The goals for this blog can be summarized as,

  1. Explain the world and what possible implications the current world can have on the future
  2. Have engaging content that exposed new individuals to the ongoing of the world
  3. Generate revenue from this website

This site’s intent is to describe the current world and provide insight into the ongoing of the world. This website and its is content is classified as a blog and typical with blogs there is a level of personal ideas and bias in the content; for this blog, all content is created with these factors in mind. While option writing need a level of personal ideas, the prevalence of these ideas are not included or intended for the purpose to shift the reader’s ideas. The goal of all the writing on this website is to describe concepts and provide possible implications of those concepts in the world.

The content on the site is created with the idea that anyone can follow the story. This means there may be information given that is not relevant to everyone. For instance, someone reading a post about Twitter/X may not understand the term “Tweet”, this reference information is then given for content for those unfamiliar with the topic at hand. For those that are familiar with the subject are encouraged to jump to the next heading and start reading from there.

The last goal is straight forward, as this website is not free to run. There are a number of different costs associated with a website, like hosting costs, but also nice to have features that make managing a website easier. As this website is a hobby site, the related revenue is only geared towards recouping these costs and not being coming a primary source of income. Currently, the method of generating income is by displaying ads on the website. This approach is less than ideal as these ads are typical invasive, but this is the simplest way of creating revenue, which means more time can go into other parts of the website.